Best Remedy for Headache in Islam

5 Useful Islamic Ways To Cure Your Migraine Pain

Migraine is a problem which is very widespread and every 1 in 3 people has it. It can be bad as a parasite but we have the Islamic ways to cure it.

Most of the people usually bear a migraine every day, or occasionally, but there is no such medicine is there which can help it cure. Even taking a lot of medicines can leave a very bad impact on your health rather than killing the pain.

1. Recitation of Verse 19 from Surah Waqiyah

2. Eating Apples

Apple is one of the fruits which boosts your inner energy leading to the brain, this is why people say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples can be one of the greatest home remedies for curing Migraine.

Please recite this ayat 3 times and blow on the person who has Headaches. In sha Allah He will feel better.

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