About Us

Help every girl learn and lead without fear. A gift to Aairah Fund supports girls’ secondary education projects around the world we will be starting soon In Sha Allah.

safe, quality education for every girl.
We advocate — at local, national and international levels — for resources
and policy changes needed to give all girls a secondary education.
Here’s how.

Meeting with leaders
We meet with heads of state and high-level officials — people with the power to shift critical resources towards education — and ask them to increase their investment in girls’ futures.

Including girls in the conversation
We believe girls should speak for themselves — that’s why we bring young education activists to high-level conferences to tell leaders what they need to learn and achieve their potential. We created Blog, a digital publication and newsletter, as a platform for girls' voices.

Supporting grassroots activists
Our Education for All campaigns to promote girls’ education in their communities, countries, and regions.

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