Dua for the treatment of Navel Displacement

For the Displacement of the Navel Muscle- Surah Al- Baqarah Ayat #178

If Some one is suffering of Navel displacement and It is repeatedly displaced and he has tried all the way but not getting any cure. In Sha Allah by this Amal you will get permanent solution within couple of days In Sha Allah.

Displacement of Naaf or Navel is very painful, and due to paint it is difficult to take food and he feels upset and pain, so it is important to tell him some correct treatment so that he can get well soon, Now a days in allopathic medicines are also available for Navel displacement but its regular use can cause other problems Hence In sha Allah if you recite and do below Amal you will get Shifa soon.

English Transliteration:

"Thalika takhfeefun min rabbikum warahmatun "

Dua for Navel Displacement
dua for navel displacement

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Rest Allah Knows the Best

Allah Hafiz.

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