Dua for the treatment of High and Low blood pressure

Dua for the treatment of High and Low blood pressure

I myself has used the Dua mentioned here, and Alhumdullilah it makes my blood pressure normal, now whenever I visit doctor to check my BP they are saying its perfect 120/80,  This is my personal experience, Please recite Blood pressure control Dua as musch as possible. and blow on your heart. It may cure all your blood pressure related problem In sha Allah.

 I will also mention some of the methods to reduce your Blood pressure fast. Using that method you will have a normal bloods pressure In sha Allah. 

Please try to read this dua 101 times daily and blow on your heart.

I have mentioned about Garlic which I used everyday in my treatment, 

I chewed one raw garlic clove every morning and kept it on tongue for 1 mint and later on swallowing. I did this for a month along with Blood pressure control dua and I found a tremendous changes in my blood pressure. 

for those garlic doesn't suits can only recite the blood pressure control dua and they can avoid chewing garlic to keep themselves away from any allergy.

Dua for the treatment of high blood pressure
Dua for Blood Pressure

English Transliteration : 


Garlic can control your blood pressure: 

Garlic is Mentioned in Quran and used as prophetic medicine.

Garlic to be effective has to be chewed in the mouth raw, where salivary enzymes convert the inactive principles into active ones, before swallowing. 

In the pills and pearls the SH group, the heart of the antioxidant property of garlic, as also its anti platelet property, is removed to mask the smell! 

Garlic is supposed to be a very important medicinal tool in Tibbe Nabvi. Recent studies in Harvard reconfirmed the Tibbe Nabvi truth that raw ginger along with garlic and pepper have the most potent antiviral antibiotics against 'Flu and other respiratory viruses!

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